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Why beeing a good negotiater will pay off

“I have spent the last 10 years observing, studying, training and advising professional negotiators in building relationship while creating and claiming more value in their negotiations. I look forward to continue this journey with the MBD participants” (Morten Lindholst, PhD; Vice President Talent & Leadership Development at Vestas)

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Why is “Negotiation” the most popular course in many business schools around the world?


Being good at negotiating is a critical business skill that will help you make better deals, build relationship and solve conflicts with employees, partners, regulators and other parties within and outside your organization.

We negotiate much more than you think. Negotiation does not always involve a formal setting designed specifically around negotiating a particular topic; it happens in lots of informal settings throughout the day. Negotiations happen when working with a colleague or another department on a project, when one of your subordinate employees asks for a pay raise, and when a customer calls and wants a change in the contract. We are negotiating all the time and Business Development is no exception.

Most people are not very good at negotiation. Even the most experienced negotiators fall into some common negotiation traps. Negotiating skills can be dramatically improved through preparation, exercise and feedback.

This course will help you improve your negotiation skills and much more. Through exercises and discussions, you will not only become better at negotiating, but also learn:

  • How to ask the right questions in order to gather information while discussing with others
  • How to really listen
  • How cognitive biases and emotions affect decisionmaking
  • Learn how to deal with these issues when building deals and relations with others.


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