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Masterclass: Digital Business Development

In this masterclass, Professor Michel Avital from the Department of Digitalization will share insight into how to develop future-ready agile organizations that can leverage emerging technologies to drive business innovation and generate value.

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When: 6 April 2022, from 16:00 – 18.00
Where: Room – DH.C.0.33 – at Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg

Leveraging emergin technologies

Leveraging Emerging Technologies for ‘Future-Ready’ Organizations

Emerging technologies generate a continuous stream of business opportunities and threats. ‘Future-ready’ organizations can anticipate the potential effect of emerging technologies and have the dynamic capabilities to address it while leaping forward into better market positions and organizational strength. Future-ready organizations are agile and resilient—they can exploit opportunities and mitigate threats.

Is your company future-ready?

The key to organizational success in the coming decade is leveraging digital technologies to future proof the business organization through agile work practices and digital transformation. This can be achieved by paying careful attention to the advancements in emerging general purpose technologies such as quantum computing, blockchain, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

At its core, agile work practices and digital transformation are about how to future proof the business organization, leading to new revenue streams, more efficient and sustainable operations, and better employee experiences. Future-ready organizations learn how to deal with uncertainty about the future, anticipate change, and leverage it for generating value.


16:00 Introduction

16:05 Lecture presentation

  Group discussions

  Summary and wrap up

18:00 Networking & Snacks