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Performance Management (ENG)


the course Performance Management you learn, among other things to design, integrate and develop organizations' strategic management, evaluation practices and reward strategies.

Purpose and description of the course

Performance management is about measuring and rewarding performance. At the course you will learn to understand both the “hard” and the “soft” part of Performance Management. We use an interdisciplinary framework that includes economics, psychology and sociology. The framework enables you to include and develop different parts of an organization’s strategic management, evaluation practices and reward strategies.

You learn what the new ideas about performance management contain, and how the balances between result control and development, forward-looking and backward-looking and quantitative and qualitative relate to  performance management designs critical for value creation in the individual organization.

Your learning outcome

  • Design and use of performance management systems and processes
  • The organizational value of performance management systems and processes
  • The purposes of developing and implementing performance information in organizations
  • Different types of performance information in organizations
  • Incentive problems and their link to goal setting and evaluation
  • Performance Management and its consequences in relation to employees ‘ and managers’ intrinsic motivation.


Key themes in the course

You will learn to:

  • Design performance measurement evaluation and reward systems critical for organizational value creation
  • Handle the balance between soft and hard aspects of performance management
  • Implement strategy through performance management
  • Understand the key organizational mechanisms that determine the effectiveness of performance management systems and processes in the individual organization.


Who should attend the course

Anyone interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges of Performance Management. The course appeals both to those who have worked with Performance Management for several years and who want to put perspective on their current practice, but also to those who want an introduction to Performance Management. The course can be taken as a single course or as part of your overall Master of Business Development.


allan hansen

Associate professor

Allan Hansen

Department of Operations Management

Ivar Friis

Lektor, PHD

Ivar Friis

Department of Production and Business Economics