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Developing Digital Business: Real Estate


The course Developing Digital Business: Real Estate introduces you to the new competitive rules of the digital economy and the emergence of platform-based business models.

Purpose and description of the course

Digitalization is changing the conditions for real estate. Based on the enabling capacities of digital technologies, new business models emerge that are no longer simply supported by digital technologies, but that have digital components inseparably inscribed into their business processes and value proposition. At the heart of this digital transformation rests an increased orientation towards digitally enabled business ecosystems and platform-based business models.

During the first two days of the course, we focus on the logic of digital economy and the emergence of competition in business ecosystems. The following two days we will cover how firms compete with platforms; how to build a platform business and how to build and extend businesses on someone else’s platform. Across the four days, we will also familiarize us with the technologies that creates the conditions for the digital transformation in real estate, including blockchains, IoT, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and robots. We will put these developments into an extended real estate context, spanning from construction to property markets and facility management.


  • The new competitive rules of the digital economy
  • The platform business model
  • Building the platform business
  • Managing the platform business
  • Digital business ecosystems
  • The value of co-creation with partners
  • Harnessing the power of a crowd
  • Joining a digital ecosystem.


In this course, you will learn:

  • To identify the key technologies that are transforming business and society
  • To understand how digitalization changes the business environment
  • To anticipate the role of digital platforms in today’s digitalized business practice
  • To understand the role and importance of digital business ecosystems.


The course is relevant for everyone who needs to understand the drivers, the dynamics and the implications of digitalization in practice. This includes professionals in areas such as business development, accounting, marketing, finance, and information technology, who would like to increase their knowledge and their space of action in relation digitalization issues.

The course can be taken as a single course or as part of a full Master of Business Development.


jonas hedman

professor MSD, PHD

Jonas Hedman

Department of Digitalization

stefan henningsson

Professor with special responsibilities

Stefan Henningsson

Department of Digitalization