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Specialization for Life Science

Are you working as a manager withing the areas of development, production and marketing in the Pharma -, BioTech-, og MedTech-Sector? And do you wish to strengthen your business development and innovation competencies within a very specific business characterized by tough regulation, high demands for compliance and long development processes? Then Master of Business Development has developed a specialization customized for you.

Specialization for Life Science

The Life Science-specialization is part of Master of Business Development and consists of three courses customized for you, working within the Pharma-, BioTech-, and MedTech-sector and is looking to:

  1. Update and strengthen your business development and innovation competencies.
  2. Receive training based on models, frameworks and cases, which are adapted to fit the challenges, you are facing, together with teachers and guest lecturers, who have solid knowledge and experience with the business.
  3. Build upon your professional and personal network by studying with others, who work within the same field, and recognize the challenges you as a manager in this business are facing.

The Pharma-, BioTech-, and MedTech-industry is characterized by an array of challenges. For example, competition from new markets, convergence between technology and Pharma-industries, as well as the regulation and cost-benefit focus of the authorities, which makes access to markets more difficult. This and many more are challenges, which require a special focus on developing competencies, which can make it easier for you to work within these circumstances.

The specialization consists of three courses: 

The specialization can be completed in just 7 months, with the first course starting in September 2021. Each course consists of four days of lectures, and it is up to you, wether you want to take the courses collectively or as single courses.

The specialization is accredited and is part of the broader Master of Business Development. The three courses comprising the specialization make up 16 ECTS-points, whereas the entire MBD-education is 60 ECTS-points. If you wish to continue your education as part of the full MBD, the courses Business Development of the Life Sciences and Managing Open Innovation in the Life Sciences replace the mandatory course Business Development and the core course Managing Open Innovation.

If you are curious for more, when you have completed the courses within the Life Science-specialization, you can always continue taking other courses at  Master of Business Development.
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