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Master of Business Development

Strengthen your skills with a flexible master's degree from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). You can attend one course at a time to continuously piece together your full Master of Business Development

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What is MBD?

Master of Business Development (MBD) is a flexible master's programme at CBS. It’s aimed at experienced key employees who are responsible for boosting and developing business areas of their companies. If you’re facing a specific challenge where you need to identify new opportunities and directions,. MBD will equip you for it.

With a Master of Business Development, you’ll gain the ability to develop your areas of responsibility and get a solid insight into your business in relation to the company's overall dealings. You will also build a network with other professionals coming from an array of industries and together you will learn from both CBS professors and each other.

Getting started is easy. You start with a single course and then combine your master's education with sparring from us. You get the freedom to find your own direction - we make sure to create the framework and deliver the building blocks with a guarantee of a high professional level.

It’s easy to get started. Choose a single course and then build a degree from there that meets your requirements – and we will help guide you. You can freely pick the courses that fit your own specific goals for further education – we’ll make sure to deliver the building blocks of a guaranteed high professional level.

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Specializations at MBD

If you work in the financial sector or life science industry, you can, in addition to the Master of Business Development, choose several courses specifically designed for your sector. These can be taken individually or together - whichever suits you best. Here you will be joined by peers from your industry and be able to share knowledge and experiences across seniority and organizations.

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Take the course Servitization

Many industries are currently in the process of transforming from a focus on tangible products to a focus on services. Generating new revenue streams, increasing profitability, generating data-driven customer insights, creating closer bonds with customers, or locking out competitors are only some of the promises of servitization

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