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Strategic communication

Core Course

The course Strategic communication teaches you to use communication models, theory and methods to understand and solve practical communication challenges.

Purpose and description of the course

In complex, volatile and sometimes hostile environments, it is necessary for organizations to work professionally with their communication. Increasingly, therefore, organizations consider and handle communication as a strategic management issue. As a consequence, communication tasks increasingly go beyond formal organizational boundaries and involve many different professional disciplines.

The course presents and discusses the practical implications of these changes by drawing on a variety of literatures, including theories of strategy, organization, public relations, marketing and management.

The aim is to make it possible for participants to understand how organizations work with strategic communication in practice, how they seek to communicate more effectively and how different ways of communicating shape an organization and its relationships with the outside world.

Key themes in the course

  • Holistic thinking in communication and strategy
  • Increased world complexity
  • Stakeholder perspective on the company’s communication
  • Issues management and crisis communication
  • Interaction between internal and external communication
  • The company’s communicative and strategic resources
  • The relationship between speech and action
  • Openness and transparency.

Your learning outcome

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Ability to use the concepts, techniques, models, processes, theories and perspectives to identify and analyse concrete communicative problems.
  • Ability to explain connections between business problems and communication strategies.
  • Ability to relate critically to specific concepts, techniques, models, processes, and theories and articulate their strengths and limitations.

Who should attend this course

The main target group for the course is leaders and managers interested in understanding the possibilities and limitations of using communication strategically in a variety of organizational practices. To develop such understanding, participants must be willing and able to explore and problematize common-sense understandings of communication, including its assumed purposes, audiences, and effects. Such approach helps participants interact in qualified ways with consultants and other experts in the field.


lars thøger christensen

professor, PHD

Lars Thøger Christensen

Department of Management, Society and Communication


Spring 2023

Class dates
  • 20/04/2023
  • 21/04/2023
  • 03/05/2023
  • 04/05/2023

Each day from 9.00 – 17.00
Address: CBS, Dalgas have 15, Frederiksberg 2000


Oral examination based on a written product.
Date of submission: 25th May no later than 12pm
Oral defense: 1st & 2nd June