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Reaching and Engaging digital customers

Elective Course

In this course, you will explore the means and methods of reaching digital customers in a dynamic environment. You will learn to create meaningful digital relationships to engage with your customers and contributors.

Purpose and description of the course

The exponential growth of mobile, interactive and digital channels offer organisations new perspectives to create ‘fluid’ experiences and opportunities for engagement. At the same time, digital customers are empowered, evermore connected and actively involved in the co-creation of products, services and experiences.

In this course, we will explore the means and methods of reaching digital customers in a dynamic environment. With the advancement of digital technologies that create transparency, real-time communications and opportunities for mass personalisation, reaching digital customers becomes a strategic priority for organisations across industry sectors.

Key themes in the course

  • The Connected Customer
  • Digital Customer Journey Experiences
  • Developing Digital and Market Insight
  • Digital Innovation and New Initiatives
  • Managing Digital Channels
  • Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of Digital Initiatives
  • Building, Managing and Protecting Brands
  • Future of Consumption.

Your learning outcome

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Explore the impact of digital transformation and the implications for customers, suppliers and wider ecosystem partners.
  • Understand key challenges for reaching and engaging with digital customers
  • Discuss the shift to networked digital engagement methods and new opportunites
  • Map key stages of digital journeys and identify opportunities for innovation
  • Develop a framework for reaching digital customers for your organisation.

Who should attend this course

This course will appeal to managers and professionals with responsibility for strategy, marketing, business development , innovation and brand management. Individuals involved in areas of digital transformation will also find this course useful and relevant.


rikke duus


Rikke Duus

School of Management, University College London


Mike Cooray

Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School


Fall 2022

Class dates


Each day from 9.00 – 17.00
Address: CBS, Dalgas have 15, Frederiksberg 2000


Written test based on project report. Fall 2022: Date for submission: TBA