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Organizational Change

Mandatory Course

The course Organizational Change helps you to understand the mechanisms and processes behind organizational change with a focus on meaning creation and leadership.

Purpose and description of the course

Organizational change plays out through sensemaking processes, which can be related to different forms of change. The course works from the idea that continuity and change are closely related, which is why sensemaking is oriented towards narratives that account for past and future.

Sensemaking takes place in micro-situations and is crucial for group processes at all levels of the organization. Whether local sensemaking becomes decisive for the organization as a whole depends on the integration of more robust narratives for the changes where the need for continuity is central. Senseamking takes place differently in different parts of the organization, and the integration different functions are integrated into the change process is a prerequisite for implementation of change.


Key themes in the course

  • Process thinking & change
  • Meaning creation
  • Organizational change
  • Personal Management
  • Models for change and opinion management


Your learning outcome

You’ll learn to

  • Narratives can be used as a driving force in relation to strategy, culture and organizational identity
  • The different mechanisms you choose to lead through affect the creation of meaning among those you exercise leadership over in different ways.
  • Continuity can enable change, and that opinion management can be used effectively in connection with change
  • Understand how alternative interpretations arise and are anchored in the company, and how you through your personal management can promote change by creating a framework for creating meaning.


Who should attend this course

The course is aimed towards people in private or public sector organizations who take part in implementing change processes or who swish to play more central leadership roles in change processes. The course emphasizes how leadership of change requires that different forms of change can be understood differently from mainstream change models.


Tor Hernes

professor, PHD

Tor Hernes

Department of Organization

Frans Bevort

Associate professor PHD

Frans Bevort

Department of Organization

Majken Schultz

Lektor, PHD

Majken Schultz

Department of Organization


Fall 2023

Class dates


Dates: TBA
Each day from 9.00 – 17.00
Address: CBS, Dalgas have 15, Frederiksberg 2000


Oral examination based on a written product.
Date of submission: TBA
Oral defense: TBA