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Master Project

Master Project

The master's project completes the entire education. You can complete your master's program when all the other courses in the program have been passed. The master's project trains your ability to describe, analyze, process and report on one or more complex issues at a high professional level. Once you have passed the master's project, you obtain a master's degree in business development.

Purpose and description of the course

From the spring semester 2022, you must have started all other courses before you can register for the master’s module.

The master’s module intends to form a framework for the master’s writing process and provide input for essential parts of the work on the master’s dissertation. The master module provides input for especially the work with problem formulation, process, data collection, data analysis. The individual workshops serve as milestones for the master’s thesis work via smaller assignments which must be handed in, in connection with workshops and by looking forward to the next phase in the process.

The Academic Regulation stipulates that the purpose of the master’s project is for students to demonstrate competence in preparing a problem formulation, analyze/process the problem formulation, collect relevant empirical data and data for answering the problem formulation and report the results of the project work on the basis of their own study plan and the previously completed subjects. The master’s project must also demonstrate that the students can reflect on the problem’s relationship to their own professional development, their own organization or role as a leader.

Criteria for goal fulfillment for the master project

The students must be able to demonstrate an overview of context, relevant theories, relevant methodologies and analysis strategies for dealing with the project’s problem formulation.
The students must be able to demonstrate competence in analyzing, describing, discussing and evaluating the chosen organizational context for the project.
The students must be able to document and analyze their own professional or managerial development in relation to the specific design of the master’s project.


sof thrane

professor, MSD

Sof Thrane

Institut for Produktion og ErhvervsĂžkonomi


Fall 2022

Class dates
  • 30/05/2022
  • 18/08/2022
  • 24/08/2022

Oral examination based on a written synopsis. Fall 2022:
Written synopsis deadline: 21th December
Oral examination: 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th or 20th January 2023