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Managing Open Innovation

Core Course

The course Managing Open Innovation discusses the value of sourcing external knowledge and introduces you to open innovation management theory and processes.

Purpose and description of the course

This course provides the foundation for managing open innovation processes in firms. Comparing closed to open innovation approaches, the course focuses on outside-in open innovation processes, i.e. sourcing external knowledge from and collaborating with users, universities, suppliers, competitors, and the like for generating innovation. Moreover, the course discusses the interplay between innovation, exploration, exploitation, and search, and the growing importance of efficient search approaches across widely distributed sources of innovation. More specifically, we will discuss the concepts of local vs. distant search and related search methods for accessing and leveraging innovation-relevant knowledge.

The Managing Open Innovation course will particularly highlight the role of users and user communities as a source of innovation. Finally, the course will introduce participants to concrete search applications such as crowdsourcing for generating inputs to organizations’ innovation processes.

Key themes in the course

  • Open vs. closed innovation approaches
  • Open innovation management and processes
  • Distributed sources of innovation
  • Open innovation methods for outbound, inbound and coupled innovation processes
  • Organizational antecedents of open innovation.

Your learning outcome

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Develop a sound understanding of the open innovation approach
  • How to effectively search across and collaborate with different sources of innovation (internal and external to an organization) to develop innovations
  • Create and capture value in open innovation
  • Design and implement open innovation activities in firms.

Who should attend this course

The course is relevant to managers from all kinds of industries who want to influence their workplaces and careers by mastering new forms of innovation practices. More specifically, practices that are characterized by being more open, collaborative and multi-domain-spanning than traditional models.


Marion Poetz

Associate professor

Marion Poetz

Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics

Christoph Grimpe

professor, MSD

Christoph Grimpe

Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics


Spring 2023

Class dates
  • 13/03/2023
  • 14/03/2023
  • 27/03/2023
  • 28/03/2023

Each day from 9.00 – 17.00
Address: CBS, Dalgas have 15, Frederiksberg 2000


The exam is carried out as a home assignment, where a written product has to be submitted.
Date of submission: 2th May, no later than 12pm