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Business Development of the Life Science

Mandatory Course

Business Development for the Life Sciences is a course, where we focus on giving you the tools and insights to develop your business by working with the challenges and creating new opportunities within the industry. We look at the various external and internal sources, which impact you and your own organisation when looking at developing the business. This course is part of the Specialisation for Life Sciences for leaders working with developing, producing and marketing products and solutions within the Pharma-, BioTech-, and MedTech-business.

Purpose and description of the course

All firms need to understand their business and find ways to develop it, and if necessary, change it. The course in business development gives you the tools and insights to analyse and pin-point challenges with existing as well as new business models. The course provides the foundations for managing business development and different innovation processes including open innovation processes in firms.

The course gives insight into the challenges confronted by the Life Sciences. It looks at the implementation of business development practices with effects on strategy development – including how strategy is realised through plans and emerging events.

Moreover, the course discusses the interplay between product categories in new combination, products and the necessary supporting business development activities. Digitalisation of products, processes and innovation and the convergence of Pharma-, BioTech-, and MedTech-industries is investigated. Different business agreements such as licensing agreements will be discussed. Finally, business development activities such as crowdsourcing and accelerator models will be introduced in more detail.

Key Themes in the course

  • The elements, connections and challenges in a business model
  • Development of business models and business development activities
  • Distributed sources of innovation
  • Co-opetition
  • The balance between value generation and value capture
  • Licensing and IP rigths,
  • Management of growth
  • Deviant behavior and organizational rebels.

Your learning outcome

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Improved your ability to analyze business models in biobusiness.
  • Developed your ability to understand and introduce changes in business models and business development practices.
  • Developed a sound understanding of value creation and value capture in biobusiness.
  • Acquired knowledge about how to create collaboration models in biobusiness
  • Developed skills to successfully license innovation activities in firms
  • Acquired knowledge about how to change the competitive game.
  • Developed and understanding of digitalization and its effect on the life sciences.

Who should attend this course

The course is relevant to managers from Pharma-, BioTech-, and MedTech-business, who are interested in influencing their workplaces and careers by gaining insights into different business development practices.


Mogens Bjerre

Associate professor PHD

Mogens Bjerre

Department of Marketing

Palle Hoy

Teaching Associate Professor, Study Director

Palle Høy Jakobsen

Institut for Strategi og Innovation