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Business Development

Mandatory Course

With this course you'll be given tools to analyse and develop business models that relate to the organisation and strategy in your company

The aim and content of the course

In all companies, there should be an openness and ability to understand, develop and, if necessary, change their business.

With the course ”Business Development” you’ll receive the tolls and insights you need to be able to analyse and pinpoint challenges within the existing as well as new business models. During the course, you’ll also gain insight in how to implement innovations in the business models with respect to strategy development – including how strategy is realized through an interaction between the intended plans and sudden occurrences.

Business development should be seen in relation to development of the business model as well as development of the strategy. Business Development as an organisational function often focuses on the systemic handling of opportunities for growth that take place within the existing business model and strategy. However, business development as an organisational practise necessitates a broader perspective that also includes changes to the strategy.

Business Development as an organisational practice poses the question: ”How do we develop our business?” This entails a systemic handling of growth opportunities that require changes in the business model and/or the strategy. To be able to give a solid overview of business development, these two aspects will be studied in combination, with the main focus being on changes to the business model as well as the related problems and implications.

The central themes of the coruse

  • Business targets
  • Elements in a business model
  • The inter-connection with a business model
  • Challenges to a business model
  • Development of business models and innovation
  • Strategy formulation and development
  • Strategy from project perspective
  • Deviant behaviour and organisational rebels
  • Business development as a conscious process
  • Handling of growth opportunities

Your take aways

You’ll learn to:

  • Improve your ability to analyse business models
  • Develop your ability to understand and introduce changes to business models
  • Understand strategy development – how strategy is formulated and developed
  • How to handle business development as a function in organisations.

Particpant profile

The course is relevant for anyone who wish to gain insight into business development as a topic as well as the different ways in which you can observe business development in companies.  The course can be taken as a single course or as part of the Master of Business Development.



Claus Vernes


Claus Varnes

Department of Marketing Economics

Mogens Bjerre

Associate professor PHD

Mogens Bjerre

Department of Marketing


Spring 2023

Class dates
  • 06/02/2023
  • 07/02/2023
  • 27/02/2023
  • 28/02/2023

OBS. Teaching from 6th & 7th February is located in a hotel, incl. hotel stay

Each day from 9.00 – 17.00
Address: CBS, Dalgas have 15, Frederiksberg 2000


Oral examination based on a written product.
Date of submission: 20th March no later than 12pm
Oral defense: 23rd & 24th March