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Create a business with a Master of Business Development from CBS

Have you considered how you might strengthen your professional competencies and understanding of your company’s development? And are you ready to combine the development of your own skills with the development of the company’s business areas?

There are lots of new opportunities you can grab, learn more about and take advantage of in your career. The difficult part is to identify which opportunities really give you value while adding to your company’s business development. Therefore, CBS has developed a master’s degree that can help both you and the company you work for.

The Master of Business Development, daily called MBD, is a flexible educational program at CBS aimed at professionals, who have a prominent role in developing and supporting growth opportunities within a company. So whether you are looking to build upon the knowledge, you already have, or you wish to become specialized within a specific branch of business development, MBD has the courses and settings for you to do so.

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Improve your ability to spot opportunities and creating business

All companies need to understand their business and continually find ways to develop it – and, if necessary, completely replace it. At MBD, we make CBS’ entire research capacity within business development available to you, so you can better identify new opportunities and directions.

You or your company might be facing a specific challenge? Or there might be optimization, growth- or development opportunities that you and your company have not yet noticed?

With research-based knowledge, you’ll learn to look at your tasks, your organization, your customers, markets, finance, and the outside world from new professional perspectives.
We will challenge you and your organization to see things within a larger scope when devising new solutions for the benefit of the company’s overall business development.
The courses at MBD cover relevant topics and disciplines related to the company’s business development within, among other things, the areas of organizational change, finance, marketing, strategy, management, and communication.

Take one course at a time

It’s easy to get started. You can start by following a single course, and as you continue, you’ll build your own full master’s degree. If you need guidance or input, we are always here to help.

We know it can be demanding to juggle a career, family life and an education at the same time. Therefore, you can extend the time spent following the courses at MBD up to six years. In case you aren’t interested in completing a full degree, you’re welcome to follow the courses individually without any restrictions to what type of course or at what pace.

With an MBD you have the freedom to find your own direction, while CBS creates the framework by delivering the building blocks that help you find new solutions to the challenges you and your company are facing.


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