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Competencies with MBD

The Master of Business Development aims to qualify and develop you as a student, to give you greater insight, skills and competencies within the area of business development. We do this through the following goals:

You will gain insight into:

  • The latest research in the field of business development management and other relevant business economics disciplines
  • The best scientifically based tools to be able to critically reflect on your own practice

You will develop skills that help you to:

  • Identify and analyze key cross-cutting issues in your business
  • Choose between relevant analytical perspectives, methods, and models to solve the complex issues associated with business development in your workplace
  • Analyze relevant issues within your own specialization and design new area-specific solutions that are readily incorporated into an organizational and managerial understanding
  • Impart research-based and practice-oriented knowledge in relation to business development and discuss relevant issues with both peers and non-specialists

You aqcuire skills that enable you to:

  • Integrate your subject-specific knowledge and skills across the company’s functions and actors in order to devise and design new solutions and models for tasks within your own area of ​​responsibility.
  • Continue your own professional learning and development.
  • Navigate in a complex and unpredictable organizational context.