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About MBD

Master of Business Development is a flexible educational programme that you can adapt to fit your wishes, interests and your career. You can begin with a single course and see where it leads you.

The structure of the education

The programme is flexible, letting you choose which courses to follow and at what pace. Begin with a single course to gain insights and new perspectives on a specific topic. From there, you can go on and enroll in other courses to slowly build your degree. You can choose courses from a wide range of topics such as Business and Organizational Change, Innovation, Strategic Communication, Personal Development, Finance and Management and many more.

A full master’s degree consists of 2 mandatory courses, 4 core courses, and 3-6 elective courses. The order of the courses is entirely up to you and can be taken as you wish. After having participated in the necessary courses, you’ll finish off by writing your master’s project, which concludes the program.

Each course consists of a number of ECTS credits, which can vary depending on the course you choose. A full master’s degree consists of 60 ECTS credits divided into: mandatory courses, core courses, electives courses and the master’s project.
In the course overview you can see how many credits each course consists of.