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About MBD

Master of Business Development is a flexible educational programme that you can adapt to fit your wishes, interests and your career. You can begin with a single course and see where it leads you.

The structure of the education

MBD consists of a number of mandatory courses, core courses, elective courses and a master’s project. The full master’s are composed of the individual courses corresponding to a total of 60 ECTS points which can be completed over 2-6 years.

To get a full master, you must take 2 mandatory courses, 4 core courses and 3-6 elective courses. The order of the courses is entirely up to you and can be taken as you wish. After having participated in the necessary courses, you’ll finish off by writing your master’s project, which concludes the program.

Each course consists of a number of ECTS points, which can vary depending on the course you choose. In the course overview you can see how many ECTS-points each course consists of.


4 different types of courses


The mandatory courses in business and organizational development, develop your ability to create new connections in your company – both internally and in relation to the company’s customers and the outside world. The courses strengthen your ability to develop and change the organization’s processes, business models, products and market positions.


The core courses provide you with knowledge, skills and competencies within key business economics disciplines and topics that define and influence the business development.


The elective courses of the education gives you the opportunity to further adapt the education to your specific needs. The elective courses are continuously developed in step with the needs of the participants and the business community and reflect the current research efforts across CBS.


The master’s project completes the entire education. You can complete your master’s when all the other courses in the program have been passed. The master project trains your ability to describe, analyze, process and report on one or more complex issues at a high professional level. Once you have passed the master’s project, you obtain a master’s degree in business development.

Curious to know more about our courses?

We have gathered all courses so you can get an overview of which course you can choose from MBD. Read more about what each course contains and how it can strengthen you and your company.

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